July 22, 2013

meet a stranger

Once in your life, I guess you ever feel meet a stranger.

I thought, I was life with you for several years, but today it's seem so different. You just like a stranger to me. I'm holding my step to you and starting asking my self: "Oh God, who is he? is he somebody else ?"

A minute pass by with memory on my head. remember the first we meet, you're so different. you're so different from now. Is it really you? Yeah, he is you. but I think, it's not unfair if I judging you for this. there is something in the world named khilaf. May be you ever hear that. Coz, I've been living with you several years, I should know that is khilaf or not. Coz, that's friend supposed to be, understand each other. Keep positive thinking to each other. May be he didn't it without a reason. Friend is place where you can show yourself, who exactly you are. If I'm doing bad, you told me. If You're doing bad, I told you.

Then I realize that everyone, ever be a stranger to the others. right?

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