June 6, 2013

happy june 6th for all of you :*

yaps ! sesuai title entrinya hari ini, 6 juni 2013, bertambah satu tahun sudah usia mereka; para teman tersayang...

BuNdo - gambar sengaja disamarkan banget,soalnya engga siap klo ntar jadinya punya PakNdo cepet, #eh
first buat bundo , thank you for caring for me so far. sorry for all the mischief and stubborn enough to make you hard. but bundo, I was very disappointed to bundo because bundo does not allow me to belong to Ms. sundari wedding, even though it was for my own good. wkwk once again thank you, and I still wish my name was always tucked in your prayers. :*

handhin and me
akkk handhin, thank you very much for your patience and understanding you stand beside me all this time. also thank you ever struggled from home to campus just for giving me your own homemade cake. moved up. let's fight back together, masih ada skripsi. hahahaha. :*

thiara and me
buat teteh, pleased to be able to spend more time with you. once you're a good sister and pretty well # eh. a lot of messages that I want to but not here, when you want to buy me a meal? : p

*eh bentar, mana ucapan dan do'anya, kenapa cuman kayak kesan aja.. :3 wkwk biarlah. masalah do'a mah, itu urusan saya sama yang diatas, zzzzzzzz . ^_^v cukup sekian page ini buat kalian, tapi tenang sayangku pada kalian akan selalu bertahan, insyaAllah :)

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