January 30, 2013

ini aja hahaha

Sebener e udah punya sekitar beberapa list topik yang mau ditulis baik disini ato di akun blog sebelah, tapi tiba-tiba kepikiran ini aja yang kali ini mau saya tulis disini.

Athiyah. also known as Putri Subandi, born with A blood type, they said it's a perfectionist type! may I say: really? I'm not sure, but if you say 'yes' may be I'm. I really nevermind about it, and actually I nevermind with anything, hahaha truely false! oke let's make it clear for me and you about me in point to point.

January 22, 2013

here we are

Januari 17th, 2013:

I saw a bird flying across the roof of a neighbor's house, he slowly looked calm, as they say they are synonymous with the word freedom. freedom exists because we do not know anything exactly. indeed freedom belongs to everyone, so do not blame those who are less able to understand what you're doing. hearts and minds that create and we only have to know. birds that fly freely in the air, not only just fly, they have a purpose.
You're free to do anything, regardless of area head in a strong way. You know where you are now, do not behave as if you do not care who you are.

Sorry for not careful.

January 2, 2013

Kamu Iya Kamu

aku tipe orang yang mudah khawatir,
kamu tidak tahu itu? iya aku tahu kamu tidak tahu.
tapi aku masih memanggilmu Teman,
sebab kau bukan Tuhan. aku juga.

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