December 10, 2012

mini world

people say that college is a small replica of a country. which would have included government .. outstanding not to play the freshmen and sophomores that, without them knowing who put a lot of hope in the younger generation that they are. at least their parents who have high expectations that :)

I, too, applaud, befriended about three years, a partner with extraordinary people, really a lot of what I see here, experience, movement, and so on. look like a huge blue ocean .. rather like to see a country.

This time the name is booming anti-corruption day. not a few university students who are doing the movement, ranging from action, to replace the anti-corruption profile photo. salut!

Initially I did not understand politics, do not want to know politics, if given a point scale from 0 to 100, maybe I only had 10 points. yah points 10 for "watcher"! and may be deducted 50 points for having written this.

but I just keep the promise, I'll write anything that I wanted to write.

first year friends and enter into an outstanding organization,. still innocent. second year still survive, with few minor questions that block, this is probably the end of the third year of my opportunity to respond in person, exactly what happened with this mini world.

and what people say is true, the campus is a small replica of a country. and a beginning to start government. campus even has 98 points from myself. why?

because this campus seems like a country that now I live in it, everything, the strategy his administration, who is the next leader. chock it seems, but I still want to maintain a good prejudice: it could be worse if nothing is set right? :)

and conclusions, politics still funny to me :)

This article does not intend to marginalize one party or any student organization that exists. because I am well aware there are some people who read this. but this is just writing, not perturbed. apologize and please understand I am not an expert in politics. I have only seen from afar. :)

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